Jerry Zimmer

Perhaps it was during his early years in the United States that Jerry Zimmer's love for all things camera-related began or maybe it was the beauty of Australia that inspired his creativity behind a lens. Either way, his absolute love of the arts is obvious through his work.

Jerry is completely at home both behind and in front of the camera. He is a skilled actor and director of stage plays and film. He worked in cinemas for ten years and appeared in the Academy Award winning film, Shine.  He loves movies and is inspired by excellent cinematography.

His successful career began as a wedding photographer and videographer, where he discovered the joy of telling people's stories through the lens.  His camera catches many expressions and intimate moments during couples' special days. Inevitably Jerry forms a strong bond with his subjects fuelled by the love he has for his work and with it a powerful desire to capture their memories in the most positive way possible, with amazing photos and a great experience.



Matt Shannon 

Matt is a member of the Australian Directors Guild (ADG) and the Australian Screen Editors Guild(ASE). He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Flinders University of South Australia majoring in Screen Studies.

Matt has been producing, writing and directing for the screen for over fifteen years for corporate videos, web videos, feature films and short films. Matt is also an accomplished videographer and photographer.

+61 413 706 470

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